About Us

So, You want to know a bit about us? Or maybe even a byte?

We love programming and we also love jokes. We often find ourselves hitting 4:04 am error which in human terms mean sleep not found and it’s a real success if we find ourselves in bed at 1:00 am.

Yes, it’s !false that we also like to manifest our jokes and what’s better place to do it than our : everyday products. They are perfect for it and easy as 01, 10, 11!

Tee++ name was so obvious that there even wasn’t any other to choose from and if you don’t know what inspired us to that name – You just might be on the wrong page. We’re joking – if you made it this far You definitely are on the right site.

Give fashion goals while creating world class techonolgy products. 

Keep on coding,
Tee++ team